South Carolina Gamecocks 2024 Football Season Tickets South Carolina Gamecocks Football Tickets

The Williams-Brice Stadium is home to the South Carolina Gamecocks, the college football team representing the University of South Carolina. The arena is located on the corner of George Rogers Boulevard and Bluff Road adjacent to the South Carolina State Fairgrounds.

The Williams-Brice Stadium is considered one of the loudest and most intense venues in the country.

Are you feeling the need to be a part of something bigger than a replay on your laptop or TV screen and a seat on your couch? Come grab your tickets to the next event at Williams-Brice Stadium and be a part of the game!

This site is not sponsored by or affiliated with University of South Carolina or Williams-Brice Stadium. This site links to authentic resale tickets for all events at the Williams-Brice Stadium. Please view the Disclaimer page.

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